Technology & Life Sciences

Our technology lawyers deliver specialist commercial advice to clients in relation to all aspects of their business dealings and contracts helping to protect their business interests and valuable intellectual property. We have particular expertise in data protection and privacy, artificial intelligence, IT outsourcing agreements, software development and licensing and cyber security.

IT Services & Networks

We advise on the procurement of IT and communications services, acting for both customers and suppliers. We are particularly experienced in advising suppliers on the roll out of ICT services to new territories, in the EU and elsewhere, and on the accompanying regulatory issues.

Data & Privacy

A very large element of our work covers data protection and information law and the related legal issues. Our lawyers are hugely experienced in advising on GDPR, UK GDPR and PECR.

Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of the UK and EU regulation, businesses will inevitably need to formalise their practices for internal and external uses of any AI for the sake of evidencing compliance, including collating inventories, inputting polices on their use and introducing staff training on such policies. Our experts will advise you on how to best prepare for the implementation of AI Regulations and what to consider as you roll out new technologies. Find out more.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a business-critical risk and the potential loss of personal data is a major component of this. We help clients prepare for and deal with these risks, the aftermath and the steps required to minimise its impact and comply with the data protection legislation.


We understand the distinctive nature of the legal and commercial issues that determine success in the biotech industry and our work in the field covers diverse technologies especially those with medical and agricultural applications including gene therapies and biofuels. We act for University spin-outs, academic institutions and multinational corporations within the sector and our work includes advising and negotiating agreements covering commercial and research collaborations as well as IP licensing and enforcement.


As a firm renowned for its successful knowledge of technology law, much of our work relates to the application of information technology to the Life sciences. This extends from the licensing of trial master file software to MSAs and Task orders with key vendors. Naturally many of our early-stage clients sit at the cutting edge of new technological developments requiring us to admit on legal issues relating to wearable device.

Commercial Contracts

We advise clients from both the non-technology and technology-related sectors on the key commercial contracts that arise in day to day business life. These include agreements for the supply of goods and services and all forms of ICT agreements. Using our specialist knowledge, we regularly support companies with the legal issues surrounding the development of mobile apps and web-based services. We ensure clarity and accountability are built into the development process and that the requisite contractual protections are in place.