Commercial Disputes

Our team specialises in commercial litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. Our focus is always on helping our clients to resolve disputes on commercial terms rather than engage in litigation by using our commercial experience to help creatively solve complex problems. The majority of our work is for technology enabled businesses and we have developed particular experience of disputes involving intellectual property (both hard and soft), public procurement and corporate transactions.

Commercial Litigation

It’s obviously a fact of commercial life that not all commercial disputes can be resolved without resorting to litigation. Given the major role played by London in the global financial system, we are regularly involved in commercial litigation involving complex financial issues. Through our technology focus we have also developed specialist experience in litigating in the Technology and Construction Court and we advise on disputes over ICT outsourcing and software licensing arrangements. With many contracts now awarded following a public procurement and competitive tendering process, our work also includes challenging and re-opening contract awards.


We have broad experience of acting in arbitrations in all the major international arbitral institutes, including the ICC and LCIA and can assist with the selection of an arbitrator who possesses the requisite expertise in the field in which a dispute has occurred.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The vast majority of disputes do not result in a trial. Cases are often settled outside of court and disputes are resolved through mediation, arbitration, expert determination and negotiated settlement and via discussion and correspondence. We aim to limit our client’s costs and are keen to avoid the need for protracted, time consuming litigation wherever possible. The vast majority of our disputes are referred to ADR and 90% of those cases will settle.