Success at the Court of Appeal for tech company founder

 White & Black advised Dr Allers on the legal interpretation of mandatory share transfer provisions under the articles of association of the company he founded. We were successful at first instance in the High Court and our interpretation was upheld again by the Court of Appeal.

Throughout the long and fraught process the White and Black team maintained an exceptionally calm, analytical and highly focused approach which gave me the personal reassurance that we were fully in control throughout.

Dr Lars Allers

The majority shareholder had asserted that Dr Allers was entitled to a much smaller sum for his shares upon his exit from the company.

Following success at the Court of Appeal, he received the full amount due to him for his shares and a substantial costs award at each stage.

Dr Allers has had a long-standing relationship with White & Black and we also acted for him in the sale of his previous company: “As always, White and Black are a great pleasure to work with”.

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