Acquiring Canada’s OrderDynamics for eCommera


eCommera is one of the fastest growing providers of cloud-based commerce software and solutions globally. The deal involved the acquisition of OrderDynamics®, Canada’s leading Order Management System (OMS) and commerce platform for multi-channel retail.

This was an international cross border transaction so we needed to manage legal input from our Canadian lawyers as well as the seller’s lawyers in Canada. There were some challenging issues arising from the need to retain key personnel who were instrumental to the technology in a way that met the needs of both sides. There were also many conflicting Canadian and English law issues and inevitably the structure was dependent on Canadian tax issues which added further complexity. As is often the case, the shareholder arrangements were particularly complex.

This deal completed succesfully in spite of these complications. The need for creativity and flexibility came to the fore as circumstances changed and issues arose. On one occasion we got a call saying that we were needed in Toronto the next day and of course we were there.

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